About Alabama DMR

Alabama DMR is a group of repeater owners and users that are forwarding the mission of amateur radio into the digital age. With new technologies we can increase spectrum efficiency and widen coverage so that more operators can communicate. We are affiliated with the DMR-MARC world-wide repeater network and several other regional DMR networks.  For more information in using DMR in amateur radio, and how to properly program your radio, visit the DMR-MARC website:
Experimentation with weather alerts will be taking place on time slot 2 of the Birmingham area repeaters.  If you have any feedback or ideas, please let me know at: lrosser2103@gmail.com.  
Note to users:
Please make sure your radio has a recieve group list or scan so that you can hear all activity on a time slot before you transmit.  Others may be using the repeater time slot on a different talk group, and you may be interfering with their QSO. 
Many of our talk groups are linked with other systems. Without this cooperation regional, national, and global connections wouldn't be possible.
Feature Request?
If there is something you would like to see added to the network or a talk group added, please let us know!  Visit the Contact page.
Global Repeaters Map